Maine Hair Salon Owner, Matthew John

Matthew John One on One

Over 25 years ago artistic makeover guru Matthew John of Matthew John Hair Salon coined the phrase "Modern Classic." Ever since, beautiful woman have faithfully sought his incredible eye and expert advice.

Here Polo Jean-louis, LCSW of the Polo Jean-Louis, Boutique Therapy Agency allows us to get to know his causal side, dreams, and interests.

Who are your heroes in real life?

Kind people.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Moments when my mind is at peace.

What has being a lobsterman taught you?

Lobstering developed my biggest asset. I have incredibly strong intuition.

Which talent would you most like to have?

I'd love to speak other languages.

If you had 3 wishes to be granted that would impact the world, what would they be?

The world would be free of substance abuse, no animal would be treated cruelly, and the oceans would be forever free of pollution.

Who gave you the best advice in your life and what was it?

My brother-in-law Sam... one day I was bragging to him how successful I was as a lobsterman compared to other fisherman... and Sam asked me 'Why are you comparing yourself with them?' That one sentence changed my life. From then on, I've always thought outside the box.

Who inspires you to keep up on the cutting edge in creating beautiful healthy hair?

Frederic Fekkai. This is a man who has an eye for beauty.

What is the next step in your life journey?

To publish my memoir.

Any life 'do overs' if you had the opportunity to change?

I wished I had gone to the Italian Riviera when I was 18 to work as a waiter and have fun instead of working 7 days a week.

Was there anything in your life that you have lost, and now would you do anything to get back?

I have had many animals in my life... I've always questioned, did I put them down at the best time.

About the Interviewer

Polo Jean-Louis LCSW

Polo Jean-Louis LCSW

For over 11 years Polo has been working in the gritty front lines of social work tackling homelessness, mental illness, addiction, human abuse, and other serious life issues.

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