Maine Hair Salon Owner, Matthew John

"There is a huge difference in how people perceive beauty, I call it the Matthew John difference."

Over 25 years ago artistic makeover guru Matthew John coined the phrase "Modern Classic." Ever since, beautiful woman have faithfully sought his incredible eye and expert advice. Thru his journey, Matthew John has always set the standards high, he owned the largest and most successful Maine hair salon in the 80's and 90's. So successful, Ladies Home Journal Magazine named Matthew John one of the top 50 stylists in America.

Born into a fisherman's family in Kittery Pt. Maine, he realized he needed more, traveling the world seemed like the only option. It didn't take him long to realize that hair was his passion. Matthew John quickly established a reputation for choosing the perfect cut and color for each client… the look of the "Modern Classic."

In 1999 he needed a change. Fearless, Matthew John created "The Original Luxury Hair Boutique." A place so refined on every level… Incredible architecture, seamless design and the ultimate client attention, all embodied using the finest products on the planet. Matthew Johns demanding schedule of ongoing education will always insure that each client "looks better than ever."

- Matthew John