Maine Hair Salon Owner, Matthew John

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Having worked with thousands of women thru the years...I still, always smile after Iʼve finished coloring and cutting their hair...when sheʼs finished, her eyes and lips start to smile. Her energy shifts, sheʼs suddenly happy! I introduce a confident woman! This is the secret that all woman seek out...itʼs what I do all day.

Women and men are happy to pay for my well honed artistic vision and eye for detail. Your hairstyle will be customized to your body and bone structure. The perfect bob that makes you thinner, or layers that make you look younger...and of course the perfect color that brings out your eyes and creates just the right amount of contrast with your skin.


  1. Cleanse the hair vigorously (often two shampoos). Shampoo should leave hair clean and soft. Always ask for a professional recommendation. There is a huge difference between a cheap shampoo and a luxurious shampoo.
  2. Condition. If hair is dry use a moisturizer. If hair is breaking, use a protein conditioner. I will always suggest the perfect conditioner for your hair.
  3. Prep. Towel dry, gently apply styling product; i.e. Mousse, gels, sprays etc. I often mix 2-3 products to give you the ultimate blow dry. I will always explain what and how to use. Note: Comb product through hair with fine tooth comb from roots to end.
  4. Blow out. Flip your head over, drying hair upside down until it is 65% dry. Using a large round boar bristle brush to dry section by section. Note: Cheap boar bristle brush will not work. Invest in a good one usually starting around $80.00 and up. Always point the dryer down the hairʼs length. Going against the growth will make your hair frizzy.
  5. The Secret. There are no blowout short cuts. Constantly bend and giggle your brush to create movement, direction, and height.
  6. Finish. Choose a finishing cream (very delicate). Between your palms, “rake” through the hair focusing on the ends.

Practice makes perfect.