Maine Hair Salon Owner, Matthew John

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In the beginning of my career in Fort Lauderdale, FL, I specialized in mens haircuts...I was doing whole gyms and the swim team. All these men wanted and expected one thing. TO LOOK HOT! The cuts had to be strong, perfectly executed and easy to do...No magic.

These guys always wanted to look good so every three to four weeks theyʼd be in for their signature look, both cut and color, when needed. And boy, were they loyal and happy to send in their friends.

Men today, if anything are more informed through the influx of menʼs magazines and the internet...But one thing has not changed the men still want to look hot...They expect it, demand it, and look for it.


  1. Cleanse, wash vigorously (often 2 shampoos to remove pomades etc.)
  2. Moisturize. Dry hair never looks good.
  3. Style. Today there are multiple finishes. Shiny, matte, pomades, creams and gels etc.

Note: Listen to your cutter. They know which product works and how to use it.

Todayʼs man is a confident man.